Microsoft Patent Madness

This patent licensing FUD Microsoft has started is really getting out of hand. Novell, Xandros, LG, Samsung, and now Linspire have all signed patent agreements with Microsoft on the basis of their (unsubstantiated) claims that Linux violates 235 their patents. While the LG and Samsung deals appear to cover more than just Linux, the Xandros and Linspire deals are just pathetic attempts to gain customers by being “blessed” by Microsoft. In my opinion, Xandros has always been a bunch of
whores who would sell their souls to the devil to make an extra buck, so their deal does not surprise me. I am surprised by the Linspire deal, though. I thought they were heading in the right direction since the release of Freespire, but this undoes any progress they have made with Linux community over the past year.

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