Windows is a Huge Piece of Crap

Alexandre Juillard from the Wine project was interviewed on the December 17 episode of LugRadio. When asked whether he thought Microsoft did a good job designing Windows, his response was "Oh, no. Definitely not. No, no. It's a huge piece of crap and we find more crap every day." The Wine developers probably have a …


First and Final LOLCat

I couldn't resist.

Isn’t Technology Wonderful

I just completed all of my holiday shopping without leaving the comfort of home. And thanks to the Nokia N800, I was able to do part of it while laying on the couch. In the past few years I have done the majority of my shopping online, but this was the first time I did …


Web 2.0© Humor (Please don’t sue me Tim O’Reilly)

Here Comes Another Bubble by The Richter Scales New Media Douchebags


Callahan Out, Pellini in

The Big 12 Conference can count another whiny football coach among its ranks. Bo Pellini has been named head coach of Nebraska. Bo Pellini, if you recall, was the coach that accused Kansas State's Bill Snyder of running up the score on the Huskers in 2003. In case you are wondering, the other whiny coach …


How to Survive a Cylon Uprising

"If armageddon is inbound, I'm gonna want some food, so I'm keeping my fridge off the grid." --Wally from Minnesota on CNet's Buzz Out Loud 614: Cybercommand in reference to Internet connected appliances