Gracie, November 2001 – February 28, 2015

Gracie was my best girl. It seems like only yesterday she was a puppy hopping her way through snow almost as deep than she was tall. It was our first adventure outside.  She followed me all the way to the mailbox and back, hopping all the way.

She had a beautiful coat with two little tufts of red fur behind her jaw. None of the fur on her head ever became tangled except around those two tufts.

She was a bit OCD, chasing sprayed water or shoveled dirt until she exhausted herself, but she would keep going.

She loved snow. Chasing it, biting at it or running through it. Snow made her happy.

You couldn’t coax her inside the house under normal circumstances, but if there were thunder or fireworks, it was difficult to keep her out, not that we really tried.

She wasn’t perfect. She was overly possessive of whatever bone or carcass she had managed to find and it was hers until she chewed it to pieces or it had fallen apart. Although we managed to train her not to (mostly), she also liked to chase cars. But man was she fast. She laid it all out.

I shouldn’t have favorites, but she was mine and the world seems a much less joyful place without her in it and I’ll miss her every day.


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