Message to Kansas electors

This is something I would normally never do, but nothing about this election has been normal. Just since being elected Mr. Trump has committed acts that should disqualify him from holding office, e.g. appointing known (and seemingly proud) white nationalists, having his children sit-in on calls with heads of state, using his new position to further his business interests in India, Turkey, Argentina, and Taiwan, risking increased tensions with China over his business interests, using his Twitter account as a bully pulpit against companies and individuals. The list is extensive.

Adding to that list this week are revelations from the CIA that Russia was working covertly to manipulate the U.S. electorate into electing Mr. Trump. While the C.I.A. is most certainly not above reproach, Mr. Trump seemed to mock and dismiss the C.I.A. instead of asking for a fuller investigation. Shouldn’t any President be very concerned about foreign intervention in our electoral process? We need to consider the wisdom of electing a man that Russia wants to be elected so badly. What might they want in return? It has also been reported that he does not care to receive his daily intelligence briefings. That is frightening if true. Intelligence, fallible as it may be, is vital for any President.

To conclude, I’m not asking you to necessarily vote for Mrs. Clinton (although that would be my preference) but for anyone other than Mr. Trump. Maybe Mr. McMullin or Mr. Romney? I sincerely apologize for clogging your email inbox even further, but I am truly frightened of what a Trump presidency might mean for this country and I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t express to you my thoughts before December 19.

Nicholas Sanders

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