Mutual Respect

A comment from Kansas Governor Sam Brownback's office during the recent flap over a Twitter post by a high school student has me rankled. According to Brownback spokesperson, Sherriene Jones-Sontag, it takes mutual respect to have a constructive dialog. While that is all well and good, the thing with respect is it is earned not …

Land of the Free?

I would just like to direct everyone to Tom Merritt's latest post at the Subbrilliant Blog regarding the likely stripping of our fundamental rights by Congress.  I won't add anything to his post since he puts it into words far better than I could.  If you feel similarly, please write your Congress person.

Colin Powell Interview

GQ has an excellent interview with Colin Powell on its web site. He touches on the current situation in Iraq, as well as, his role in the pre-war buildup. He also apologizes for the faulty intelligence he presented to the United Nations. His response to the final question, "How can we restore America’s image?" perfectly …

One Step Closer to the United Police State of America

Washington Post Editorial I will never understand the current administration's hatred of judicial oversight. They don't understand or don't care that proper checks and balances are a necessity for a free society. Hopefully this situation will be rectified when these powers expire in six months.