Job Interview

I just got back from a job interview at Four County Mental Health. I think it went well, but who knows. The job is for a computer technician. It would involve general desktop and server support and work with the phone and security systems. It would be three day a week in Coffeyville and two …


The only thing to fear is…… GIRLS

Or something like that. I came across this video on digg yesterday. Fear of Girls is a movie about LARPing platonic life partners. Very funny. Fear of Girls

No to interactive QuickTime

On episode 23 of This Week in Media, Alex Lindsay argues that Apple should add more interactivity to QuickTime to compete against Adobe's Flash Player. He argues that the VP6 codec used by Flash cannot deliver the same quality/compression of QuickTime using H.264. This is true. The problem lies in Apple's closed culture. They have …


Tom Wilson’s Musical FAQ

Tom Wilson (Biff from "Back to the Future") answering his most asked questions. Biff's Question Song


Day Against DRM

DRM is a scourge on consumers everywhere. From DVDs to iTunes, media companies are using digital rights management to control how, where, and on what devices you can enjoy content you have legally acquired. Go to Defective By Design to learn more about DRM and what you can do about it.


Avast, ye scurvy bilge rat

Me name is Iron William Cash. Turn over ye booty or I'll lay ye open with me broadsword. Thank ye for your cooperation and have a happy Talk Like a Pirate Day. Now head smartly to, me hearties, to learn your own pirate name. And bring me back some grog.


First Post

Nothing to say. Posting for the sake of posting.