Another day, another Windows exploit

Can someone explain to me why people still use Microsoft Windows? This cursor exploit is yet another example of Microsoft not caring about security. According to an article on Microsoft's own TechNet, they have known about this vulnerability since December 20, 2006. They are only patching it now because it is being exploited in the …

Bronco Update

In the process of extricating myself from the crash mentioned previously, the oil pump in the transfer case came free and did some internal damage. Whether that was a direct result of the stress on the drive train or a coincidence, I don't know. After two months motionless, the Bronco is mobile once more. The …

Antimatter Medicine

I saw this article posted on Slashdot today. It talks about using beams of charged atomic particles (protons and ions) to directly target cancer cells. There have also been experiments using antimatter particles to annihilate the cancer cells. Very cool.

Travelin’ Man

I have apparently visited 66% of the states in the US. Only 16 to go. Not too shabby. create your own visited states map

Crash Landing

I went for a little ride yesterday. I misjudged the slickness of the driveway, lost control, and slid ~100 feet down the driveway and off the road. I managed to control it enough to hit dad's junk pile. I figured that was better than hitting a tree or the shop. The Bronco needs a new …


We are under a blizzard warning. This is the first blizzard warning ever issued by the National Weather Service for northeast Oklahoma. Visibility is about 300 feet at the moment.