Linux IS for Grandmothers

I was listening to Episode 378 of Leo Laporte's The Tech Guy podcast the other day. About 20 minutes in, he receives a call from a grandmother asking how to use her Skype phone while on the road. At one point, Leo asks her if she has a laptop, which she does and she is …


Which Transformer Are You?

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One Step Closer to the United Police State of America

Washington Post Editorial I will never understand the current administration's hatred of judicial oversight. They don't understand or don't care that proper checks and balances are a necessity for a free society. Hopefully this situation will be rectified when these powers expire in six months.


Hurrah! Posting successful. If only I could edit published posts with MaemoWordPy.

Microsoft Patent Madness

This patent licensing FUD Microsoft has started is really getting out of hand. Novell, Xandros, LG, Samsung, and now Linspire have all signed patent agreements with Microsoft on the basis of their (unsubstantiated) claims that Linux violates 235 their patents. While the LG and Samsung deals appear to cover more than just Linux, the Xandros …


It may be a little difficult to make out, but that is a motorcycle trailer with a battle axe impaled in the top. I apologize for the low-res image, but I took it with the webcam on my Nokia n800.