NASA Images

The Internet Archive has put together an excellent site of NASA images. It's very Web 2.0 with image zooming, personal workspaces, sharing, and embedding. It really is a spectacular resource and a great way to kill some time. Check it out at


Land of the Free?

I would just like to direct everyone to Tom Merritt's latest post at the Subbrilliant Blog regarding the likely stripping of our fundamental rights by Congress.  I won't add anything to his post since he puts it into words far better than I could.  If you feel similarly, please write your Congress person.


I am disappointed with the lack of Linux and open source software coverage on the TWiT network.  Once again, Floss Weekly has apparently been placed on Leo Laporte's back burner.  Also bothersome is a comment by Randall Schwartz, co-host and booker of guests for Floss Weekly, on episode 146 of TWiT at 1:02:18 claiming, rather …

The Heron is Free

Ubuntu 8.04 "Hardy Heron" is out.  I haven't tried it yet, but I have no doubt that it is fantastic.  Ubuntu is a great Linux distro and gets better with every release.  If you are sick and tired of Windows, download the disc image here or request a free CD.

Duck and Cover

The end is truly upon us. After fourteen years, New Kids on the Block have reunited. That's right, NKOTB is back. Now if you will pardon me, I must get back to building my underground bunker so that I may weather the coming apocalypse.


Dear all native English speakers, please stop using the phrases "they've got" and "these ones." They are redundant. The words "they've" or "they have" and "these" are sufficient. Of the two, I find "these ones" much more annoying, although I am sure some people find "they've got" equally irritating. Not only is it redundant, it …