Don’t Mess with Barney Frank

Massachusett's Representative Barney Frank giving an insane protester's question the respect it deserves. I'm all for public debate, but lunacy is not helpful.



Apparently, I am a high nerd. Internet quizzes never lie, right? Right?!

Windows 7 Impressions

Here is just a quick list of my thoughts on Windows 7 RC in no particular order. 1) They have cleaned up the user interface a bit since Vista, but it is still cluttered with too many textual interface elements. Windows Explorer especially has seen some improvement from the abortion that is in Vista. 2) …

Douglas Adams

Reading The Restaurant at the End of the Universe has sparked my interest in Douglas Adams, so I thought I would throw up a few videos I found with a quick Google Video search. Big Thinkers (2001) on ZDTV Memorial Service - Richard Dawkins Douglas Adams - The Idea of God Hyperland …

Thought-Provoking Alternate History Story

I always find Escape Pod's stories to be excellent, but this one struck a particular chord with me.  Do we all have the capacity for good or evil?  Are we products of nature or nurture? Escape Pod » EP187: Summer in Paris, Light from the Sky.

Aaron Seigo on KDE

Aaron Seigo of the KDE Project has started doing weekly videocasts on With KDE 4.2's release is rapidly approaching, he discusses the progress made during the previous week, as well as, new features in the 4.2 release. He also allots time to take questions from the Ustream chat room. As a long time KDE …