Thoughts on AMC’s “The Walking Dead”

I finally watched the final two episodes of “The Walking Dead“. I enjoyed season 1, but the final minutes of episode six seemed overly fatalistic. Sure, Dr. Jennings had plenty of reasons to be fatalistic. Offing your zombie wife and spending months underground without human contact in a futile attempt to save the entire human race doesn’t exactly paint a rosy picture. Almost anyone would welcome death under those conditions.

What I don’t understand is two other characters joining him (even if one eventually changed her mind). The human race has survived far worse conditions than a zombie apocalypse. Humanity will do what it has always done… adapt. It’s not as if humanity was suddenly thrust into the dark ages. While electrical power may be harder to come by, there is plenty equipment ripe for the taking to make life safer and even provide some modern conveniences. Civilization
isn’t over, it’s just experiencing a shift to a new “normal.”

Besides, a bullet to brain later on, doesn’t sound any more painful than vaporization by a fuel-air explosive.

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