Windows 7 Impressions

Here is just a quick list of my thoughts on Windows 7 RC in no particular order.

1) They have cleaned up the user interface a bit since Vista, but it is still cluttered with too many textual interface elements. Windows Explorer especially has seen some improvement from the abortion that is in Vista.

2) Microsoft has really committed to the browser metaphor in their user interface, but outside of the web and file browsers it doesn’t really work. Their commitment to consistency comes at the cost of good user interface design.

3) The new taskbar is functional and not as annoying as it seemed in screenshots, but is not really my cup of tea. It combines quick launch icons with grouped task management. I have never been a fan of task grouping and always turn it off in KDE. I do like the monochrome system tray icons however.

4) Aero is still ugly. I’m sure it looks better with transparency effects, but VirtualBox’s 3D
acceleration does not support it and I’m not interested enough to install Windows 7 on bare metal.

5) Solitaire should not require hardware acceleration for smooth play.

6) The tasks concept in Windows menu is interesting.

7) I like the libraries functionality of Windows Explorer. Seems like a nice way to aggregate similar or related files across many directories.


One Reply to “Windows 7 Impressions”

  1. @Charles I agree #4 is not Win7 specific, but they should have improved the look of the theme while non-accelerated or provided an entirely separate theme.


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