Valve’s Source engine coming to Linux (unconfirmed)

According to a recent article at Phoronix, Valve is porting Source to Linux.  The Source engine powers such games as Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike, and Team Fortress 2.  The Half-Life series are my favorite games of all-time, so I can’t help but be excited at this news.  I can only hope this means that Valve will also port Steam, their online distribution system, and the Half-Life series to Linux.

I am a long-time gamer that has basically stopped gaming due the lack of major titles on Linux.  It is just too much trouble to reboot into Windows to play a game.  Never mind that the latest version of Windows I own is 98 SE and that my computer is getting really long in the tooth.  My computer
is still powerful enough (barely) to run Half-Life 2: Episode One, which I own but have not been able to play because it requires Windows 2000.  The box says it will work with Windows98, but I have never been able to get past the opening sequence before it locks up the system.  I have also tried to play it under Wine in Linux with very limited success.  It will start, but is unplayable.  I really love the Half-Life series and hope it comes to Linux soon.

On the broader topic of Linux gaming, it seems to me that the Linux market for major gaming titles could be at least equivalent to the Macintosh market which receives many more game ports.  According to a recent article at ars technica, Apple’s market share was
approaching 8% at the end of 2007.  Another article, also from ars technica, puts Linux market share between less than one percent and almost two percent.  Gauging Linux market penetration is very difficult, however.  You can’t just count sales, since Linux distributions are freely downloadable and shareable.  I would wager that the numbers reported by ars technica are too low.  I would also wager that the percentage of Linux users who are gamers is higher than the percentage of Mac users who are gamers.  If one were to compare the percentage of gamers in both communities, they would probably be on par.  I know that is a lot of wagering, but
it’s my weblog and I’ll bet if I want to.

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