Colin Powell Interview

GQ has an excellent interview with Colin Powell on its web site. He touches on the current situation in Iraq, as well as, his role in the pre-war buildup. He also apologizes for the faulty intelligence he presented to the United Nations.

His response to the final question, “How can we restore America’s image?” perfectly embodies the course America should set for the future.

“We should remember what that image was, back after World War II. It was the image of a generous country that sought not to impose its will on other countries or even to impose its values. But it showed the way, and it helped other countries, and it opened its doors to people—visitors and refugees and immigrants.”

This is what the United States of America needs to become again. Not the paranoid, frightened, fear-mongering,
distrustful nation it has become. Mr. Powell’s statement,

“But can they[the terrorists] change us? No. Only we can change ourselves”

is correct and ,unfortunately, the situation we currently face with domestic spying, Guantánamo, and extraordinary rendition. These are not the ideals the United States and its citizens should embrace.

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