No to interactive QuickTime

On episode 23 of This Week in Media, Alex Lindsay argues that Apple should add more interactivity to QuickTime to compete against Adobe’s Flash Player. He argues that the VP6 codec used by Flash cannot deliver the same quality/compression of QuickTime using H.264. This is true. The problem lies in Apple’s closed culture. They have never and would never deliver a Linux version of their player. They barely deign to deliver a Microsoft Windows version. While Adobe isn’t much better in this respect, at least they have Flash Player 7 for Linux with version 9 on the way. I do not want to go back to days of 1999 when, in order to view much web content, Linux users had to buy Codeweavers’ Crossover to run browser plug-ins such as Flash and QuickTime. The current state of
multimedia on the web is far from ideal, but with Flash Player 7 and the MPlayer plug-in I can view most of the content I wish to. I don’t claim to have solution for web multimedia. I do know that Apple controlling any part of the market now dominated by Flash is a bad thing.

UPDATE: Flash Player 9 Beta for Linux is live. Get it here.

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